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Hook up a capacitor to my amp

Problem is that my 1 Affair Cap is joining my second contact down. I there doubt it is the cap and ny the batteries themselves. Free been type about my most situation that you succeed, both are new last dating purchased a dating apart, two call sides if that images but they are Napa happen Marina deep cycle has and I have to say that I casual't had very good luck with my batteries. The inquiries that you see were there from the old find and don't run the butterflies.

I wonder if water over the bow would cause a certain Oklahoman to sh! I see your point capactor leakage. It's only for my sub Hook up a capacitor to my amp thought, but come to think about ajp, it is in line on the power side of my sub amp so guess that amp Hook up a capacitor to my amp not on the perko switch: Leroy So is it the power amp killing your battery? Don't know but maybe. I thought when you capacitkr off your amp by the power wirer small wire that goes to the ignition then myy shouldn't be any power draw zberger Was thinking the same thing. The amp in question is a MTX D, 2 ohm stable mono.

Was told that it was a good middle of the road sub amp. What color are you Hiok for the turn on lead? With the spaghetti in there, it looks like one or more of the amps may have the turn on lead connected to a power source. Get a couple of distribution blocks for the power and ground. If I understand the issue correctly, there are fo 5 things connected in this system and at least one of the amps didn't turn on when the head unit was on. If this is the case, use distribution blocks, as I said, and run the head unit's turn on lead to a relay Bosch, preferably- Potter and Brumsfeld is good, toothen run the rest of the turn on leads to the other devices.

Trying to feed too many things will cause the turn on circuit to shut down. Also, put some spacers behind the amplifiers so the backside of the chassis can get some cooling air. They'll stay cooler and last longer that way. The wires that you see were there from the old owner and don't run the amps. I have 4 gauge for that. As far as I can tell is that he had some light of some sort. Look at the top of the cap and you can see that I have remove the power lead for now. There is a second battery that sits in the middle that I have on the work bench charging.

Thank for the infor on the spacers thought. D quincyfirefighter That one comes from the cap which comes from the second battery. JimN Have you checked for current draw with the key and system turned off? Would I check it at each battery. Should be easier to hook up the three amps that I have right and do without the cap. Do you think the blue top batteries are worth it? Disconnect the second from the first and tape off the ends of the cables. You have a fuse or circuit breaker between the two batteries, right? If you don't and a short occurs, you have no protection.

If you see any more than about 15 mA, start removing fuses from the amps, making note of the effect. If one amp draws a noticeable amount of current, it could have a leaky turn on circuit. Where is the Perkop switch located? Is it flat on the floor in an area where it could get wet? Moisture inside the switch can cause leakage across the terminals. Running an isolator basically pushing voltage to both batteries at the same time which in turn taxes the Alt. If I am not mistaken Diesel also has a larger capacity Alternator which then requires a larger main fuse back near the tranny.

I wonder if they make a Cap that will turn off once you turn your head unit off. I disagree that Caps aren't needed. If you notice your power fluxuating when heavy bass notes kick in you need the Cap.

How to Charge a Capacitor Without a Resistor

A cap is great for instantaneous peaks but needs to recharge faster. I was waiting to get into the whole high output alternator issue until after the current draw problem was solved. I guess the sub amp could be mounted closer to the battery to achive similar results. Caps help but a second battery has a lot more reserve and can keep the voltage sag to a minimum during extended periods of high demand. I'm going to install the isolation relay first.

Take out the perko switch. Capqcitor I will check for Hiok like you said. The battery cables for the second battery are 2 gauge I think with fuse in line. I will check tonight for sizes of wire and fuse. The batteries are only about capacihor foot or two apart. Stock battery placement on a Prostar Hoik the other in the zmp of the storage area under the observer seat. OhioProstar that's what I was thinking also about the cap on hard hitting capacitoe but didn't know for sure. Also if the second battery could keep up with the bass amp if all Hopk were hooked up to the second battery only in Diesel"s setup without Hoo cap.

But first things first, Yo will check for amp draw first like JimN said asap. Will keep you posted and thanks again for Hook up a capacitor to my amp me in the right direction and the help. This is done with a resistor and a voltmeter. The exact value of the resistor is not critical but I would keep it in the k ohm range. I would recommend getting a 1 watt resistor if possible your capacitor may have come with a resistor for charging. A lower wattage resistor will heat up too quickly. Also, do not hold the resistor with your bare hand. The current flowing through the resistor will cause the resistor to heat up and you could be burned.

A good place to put the resistor is in the main power wire fuse holder the one installed near the battery. Simply substitute the resistor for the fuse. A diagram for the capacitor charging setup is shown below. You will need to place a voltmeter across the capacitor to monitor the voltage. Once the voltmeter reads 12 volts or close to it you can remove the voltmeter and replace the resistor with the power fuse. Alternatively you can measure the voltage across the charging resistor. It should start around 12 volts and slowly work its way down to 0 volts. When the voltage stops changing you have charged the capacitor completely.

Another method for charging involves using an old style test light instead of a resistor. The connection is similar alligator clip on one side, probe on the other but you don't need a voltmeter to monitor voltage. When the bulb goes out the capacitor is charged because the voltage across the bulb went from 12volts to 0volts. The Car Audio Help DVD catalog includes five different videos covering many areas of car audio installation and custom fabrication. Topics range from basic system installation head units, amplifiers, speakers, etc.

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